With numerous subplots at work – challenging time commitments, research analysts covering 30 to 40 companies, and buy-side investors who watch hundreds of companies – it’s never been more important to partner with a team who can cut through the noise and deliver a clear message to Wall Street’s top decision makers. Solebury Strategic Communications effectively positions clients to amplify the impact of positive news and navigate sensitive situations. Triggering interest that leads to fair valuation in the marketplace isn’t the ending. It’s only the beginning of what we do.


Our flexible approach allows us to take on the role of strategic advisor and partner to internal investor relations and finance teams, or to act as a company’s fully-outsourced IR department. No matter the structure, delivering more than results is our goal. We offer objective and sage advice, coupled with strategic messaging that’s designed to elevate our clients’ profiles across the investment community. We provide insights and counsel that clients can capitalize on to reach their full investment potential.

We create the advantage of access. Our robust network of relationships brings together investors, analysts, bankers, companies and thought leaders. We understand the motivations of the sell-side community and specialized investors who look for value and innovation. We host conferences and events that draw the investment community. The bottom line is a high level of access and intelligence that maximizes senior management’s time as well as the value of your investor relations program.

Readiness is a result of a detailed IPO plan, through year one and beyond. Backed by decades of experience in equity capital markets, buy- and sell-side research, and equity sales, Solebury Strategic Communications knows the IPO process inside and out.

Our comprehensive approach, including our proven IPO playbook, comprehensive messaging platforms and readiness training ensures clients are well prepared for IPO and life as a public company.

Services include:

  • Investor relations infrastructure build
  • Investor relations strategic plan development
  • Peer benchmarking and analysis
  • Quarterly earnings process guidance and template development
  • Regulation Fair Disclosure (Reg FD) Training

Investor relations is not about a single event or even a series of individual events. A successful IR program requires continuous management of a strategy that takes into account investor sentiment, trends, and movement in the markets. Our multifaceted strategic approach enables clients to focus on the future, delivering messages that resonate and drive future growth.

  1. Perception Studies:
    Solebury Strategic Communications perception studies provide valuable insights based on our in-depth engagement with the investment community. Our senior team conducts a series of comprehensive interviews with key analysts and investors, in order to extrapolate real-time insights into the most important issues impacting our clients. Analysis of buy- and sell-side perceptions ahead of earnings calls, analyst days or other investor events helps us position our clients for success.
  2. Investor Relations Audit:
    Each audit is a comprehensive view of a client’s IR program that includes a uniquely tailored analysis of their IR content as well as their shareholder base, research coverage, trading performance, valuation, financial and operational disclosure and guidance practices. The audit is a dynamic document that goes beyond identifying areas for IR program improvement to explaining how to improve those areas through a customized action plan.
  3. Analyst Days:
    Analyst days are a hallmark of Solebury Strategic Communications’ practice, with expertise across multiple sectors. We assist clients in determining the right time, location and venue and craft perfectly-calibrated presentation materials.We ensure our clients are deeply prepared to convey the key messages in a highly effective way and are ready for the critical Q&A with the investment community. We help ensure the momentum continues by capturing the Street’s feedback and creating actionable next steps. Our holistic approach is designed to maximize clients’ return on investment.

Companies need to be proactive in keeping their stories in front of investors – out of sight means out of mind and “out of portfolio.” The sector-specific institutional investors and analysts we work with continue to seek quality investments and define appropriate entry points. Solebury Strategic Communications spearheads the planning and execution of a variety of events designed to draw interest, educate investors, and highlight a company’s investment potential. Solebury Strategic Communications offers full planning and support for events, including:

  • Analyst/Investor days
  • Investor and scientific conferences
  • Institutional and Retail Investor/analyst group meetings
  • Topical breakfast/lunch/dinner forums
  • Conference calls
  • Annual 1×1 Management Access event
  • Annual IR seminars